American Beverage Association

The American Beverage Association (ABA) is the trade association that represents America’s non-alcoholic beverage industry.  ABA was founded in 1919 as the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, and renamed the National Soft Drink Association in 1966.  Today the ABA represents hundreds of beverage producers, distributors, franchise companies and support industries.

Year Founded: 1919
Mission Statement:

ABA provides a neutral forum in which members convene to discuss common issues while maintaining their tradition of spirited competition in the American marketplace. The Association also serves as liaison between the industry, government and the public, and provides a unified voice in legislative and regulatory matters. As the national voice for the non-alcoholic refreshment beverage industry, the American Beverage Association staff of legislative, scientific, technical, regulatory, legal and communications experts effectively represent members’ interests.

Location: 1101 Sixteenth St. NW, Washington, DC, 20036
Phone: (202) 463-6732
President: Susan K. Neely
Board of Directors:

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