INFO ALERT – SB 1 Workshops on How to Spend $52.4B this Friday 7/21 in Los Angeles

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INFO ALERT – SB 1 Workshops on How to Spend $52.4B this Friday 7/21 in Los Angeles

Last month the California Transportation Commission(CTC) kicked off workshops in Sacramento to introduce how to implement SB 1, the $52.4B investment package that will fix and maintain our transportation infrastructure. At the time BizFed members were concerned that these workshops occurred in Sacramento rather than in Los Angeles. We are pleased to see that there will be workshops in Los Angeles this Friday 7/21.  We want to thank the California Transportation Commission for having this series of workshops occur in LA.

However, it is crucial for BizFed leaders to attend this workshop and advocate that the State spends our funds right and hears;

  • That we will fight for the LA region’s fare share.
  • Ensure that more of our Congested Corridors are recognized by the State outside of I-405.
  • LA County has over a $120B of Measure M funds to bring to the table leverage partnerships and accelerate project delivery that will enhance our local economy.  

Your voice is needed to help remind the CTC and State leaders the economic importance of implementing these infrastructure investments to LA County’s economy and how that affects our local, state, national and international economies. Also included below are a breakdown of SB 1 funding categories and a schedule of the next series of workshops based on those funding categories with their guideline release dates and when comments are due. We will keep you posted when those deadlines will occur.

Join us if you can… And spread the word to engage with the State in how to properly spend $52.4B for Transportation improvements.

WHAT: SB 1 Workshops – Congested Corridors and Local Partnership Program
WHEN: Friday, July 21st from 10am to 1pm on Congested Corridors and from 2pm to 5pm on Local Partnership Program
WHERE: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, One Gateway Plaza, (corner of Cesar Chavez and Vignes), Metro Board of Directors – Board Room.
PARKING & TRANSIT: Parking is available cost of $8 or you can take transit and ride the Metro Gold, Purple or Red lines to Union Station, follow overhead signage that leads to Metro Headquarters.
CONFERENCE LINE (Workshop): 1-877-411-9748, Access Code: 5283660

   CLICK HERE to download Congested Corridors Agenda

   CLICK HERE to download Local Partnership Program Agenda

   CLICK HERE for SB 1 Implementation Overview

   CLICK HERE to download SB 1 Program Implementation Schedule

   CLICK HERE to download SB 1 Workshop Schedule

  • SB 1 should leverage other funding resources from both public sector such as Measure M and private sectors to maximize enhancements of this funding source.
  • Investments in SB 1 to our arterial and goods movement corridors are essential to the enhancement of our local economy, vital to the long term funding of these enhancements.
  • Southern California represents over 60% of the state’s population and according to the LAEDC; 78% of the volume and 64% of the value of domestic goods move through Southern California.
  • For the implementation of SB 1 funds, all project savings stay within the trade region and at the discretion of those corridor agencies ensuring more of these dollars stay to improve our trade and goods movement important for the state and national economy.
  • Southern California share should be 60% and not 56% as it is currently proposed, as 60% represents our share of the state’s population. A slight change of 4% will represent Southern California losing $86.4 million over the 10 years of the program, vital to keeping our trade corridors in good working order.

   For any questions, please reply to Jerard Wright

Tracy Hernandez


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