INFO ALERT: LA County Motion on Water Resilience Plan

Posted May 31st, 2017 | Status:

Mike Lewis speaking to BOS

As you may have heard, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to pass a motion entitled “Regional Water Resilience Planning, Outreach, and Engagement, and Stormwater Capture Expenditure Plan” which begins a process to develop a Water Resilience plan (Plan) for the County. The Plan will seek to “integrate strategies to increase drought preparedness and local water self-reliance, improve water quality to protect public health and the environment, and advance and support communities’ abilities to adapt to the effects of climate change.”  It also directs the County to determine an appropriate parcel tax to fund stormwater capture and water quality projects and programs. The input from this Committee will be very important to shape how all this proceeds as the County’s stakeholder outreach process begins, so stay tuned for updates from BizFed regarding the next steps on the Water Resilience Plan.

BizFed Chairman Mike Lewis (pictured above) delivered comments to the Board during yesterday’s meeting. Highlights of his comments are outlined below.

  • Updating the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (LARWQCB) water basin plan is a prudent first action to gain the greatest cost-effectiveness.
  • MS4 permit compliance for cities should be prioritized for any new funding.
  • The Plan should not impede on any new housing development in the County.
  • The County’s public stakeholder process must be transparent
  • We need the definition of Water Resilience and the benchmark for today’s achievement is in order to establish a new plan goal.
  • Details matter on seeking expanded taxing authority
  • Don’t use taxpayer monies to fund a tax increase campaign

Also in attendance to deliver remarks were BizFed members Jessica Duboff, LA Chamber; De’Andre Valencia, BIA-LAV; and Rob Katherman, Water Replenishment District.

Click here to read BizFed’s letter to the Board

Click here to read the motion


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