ACTION ALERT: Protect Water Supplies – Stop CEQA Abuse

Posted August 30th, 2017 | Status:

Please join BizFed and 70 other economic groups, water districts, government agencies, unions and businesses in opposing AB 1000. This bill threatens Southern California’s water supply reliability by changing the rules to slow or stop the Cadiz Water Project – which would provide water to serve 400,000 SoCal customers – after it has complied with all required state regulations.

Join us in telling your legislator and the Sacramento leadership to oppose AB1000!
Go to to send your letter today.

AB 1000 would require the Cadiz Water Project to undergo additional state review, even though it has already complied with everything required by the California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, and been upheld by California’s Courts. This would create a terrible precedent, injecting more uncertainty into the regulatory process for any new project in California, including not just water infrastructure, but also transportation projects, schools, hospitals, affordable housing developments and much more.

The bill jeopardizes jobs and economic development as well. The large infrastructure projects it attacks create jobs and support the economy; the Cadiz Water Project, for example, will create and support nearly 6,000 jobs and generate nearly $1 billion in economic activity.

It’s the end of the legislative session and we are in our final stretch… please join us today and oppose AB 1000!


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