ACTION ALERT: Oppose SB 86 and AB 102 – Board of Equalization Overhaul

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ACTION ALERT: Oppose SB 86 and AB 102 – Board of Equalization Overhaul

Governor Brown released a plan on Monday morning to overhaul the Board of Equalization through SB 86 and AB 102. These bills will be voted on TOMORROW.

BizFed supports reforms to the Board of Equalization (BOE) and supported AB 1210 which sought to address identified problems in the BOE by the Department of Finance. However, Governor Brown’s new proposal would overhaul the Board of Equalization, far beyond the problems identified by the Department of Finance, and place many taxpayer protections in the hands of unelected bureaucrats instead of an elected body.

Take action now by calling your local representatives, encouraging your State Assemblymember to vote NO on SB 86 and State Senator to vote NO on AB 102. You can find your local representatives and their contact information by clicking here.

For talking points, click here to download a coalition letter that BizFed has signed onto opposing these bills.


  • Creates the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) for the purposes of adjudicating tax disputes related to states fees and taxes. Instead of taxpayers being able to appeal to an elected body, the Office of Tax Appeals would be appointed by Governor Brown and filled with unelected bureaucrats.
  • Creates the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) which will take on all the statutory functions of the Board of Equalization. The CDTFA will also be appointed by the governor and will handle the day-to-day administration and collection of taxes.
  • The Board of Equalization will still keep its constitutional functions. This includes reviewing property tax assessments, setting gas tax rates and assessing taxes on pipelines, insurance companies and alcoholic beverages.
  • The plan would take effect on July 1st, two weeks from the voting date. Not only will the bill be voted on before being properly assessed and vetted it will take affect immediately – without giving taxpayers and governing boards the ability to properly prepare for such changes.

For more information, please contact BizFed Policy Manager Sarah Wiltfong at


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