ACTION ALERT: Join us tomorrow at Board of Supervisors to show strong support for Newhall Ranch’s Net Zero Newhall initiative! 

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ACTION ALERT: Join us tomorrow at Board of Supervisors to show strong support for Newhall Ranch’s Net Zero Newhall initiative!

Tomorrow, the LA County Board of Supervisors will have a public hearing to decide on a model development known as Newhall Ranch and “Net Zero Newhall” with focus on the re-approval of the Landmark and Mission Village communities. BizFed proudly supports this endevour as a shining example of how to tackle our housing crisis, embrace stewardship in sustainability as a green neighbor with our environment through open space preservation, promote green design and transportation innovations and incubate the growth of new clean-tech businesses which will infuse our local economy.  We urge BizFed members to show their support by attending the public hearing for this game changing project in LA County!

Newhall Ranch, which includes the “Net Zero Newhall” initiative is a $12B investment that will provide 10,000 acres of open space with 50 miles of new trails, build 21,500 new homes that will help make a dent in solving our housing crisis in Los Angeles County. Net Zero Newhall will promote and create incentives for zero emission transportation options for residents and create over 60,000 new jobs that will enhance our local economy by generating close to $800M of annual tax revenues all while having zero increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions without burdensome regulations!

Please join us in person and through letters to spread the word to engage with the County stakeholders to support this project. If you are in the North County/Santa Clarita area transportation will be provided to attend the hearing, REGISTER HERE.

WHAT: Board of Supervisors meeting – Items 61 & 62 Public Hearing on Newhall Ranch – Net Zero Newhall 
WHEN: TOMORROW, July 18th at 9:30 am
WHERE: Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration – Hearing Room, 500 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

   CLICK HERE for BizFed’s Letter on Newhall Ranch – Net Zero Newhall Initative

   CLICK HERE for more details on Net Zero Newhall

   CLICK HERE to download agenda for the July 18th Board of Supervisors meeting

For any questions, please contact Policy Manager Jerard Wright

Tracy Hernandez


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