Posted March 9th, 2017

The election on March 7 marks many notable successes for the LA County Business community! APPROVING Measure H and taking a stand for sensible development policies by APPROVING Measure P and voting DOWN Measure S, Angelenos proved that they are dedicated to staying on track toward becoming a city of the future.

BizFed would like to especially acknowledge the efforts of the realtors, VICA, and the LA Area Chamber for their coalition building and overall grit in the face of Measure S. Measure S failed with a 68.8% NO vote – and this is largely thanks to your hard work!

BizFed is THRILLED with the outcome of each of the following March 7  ballot Measures:

WIN LOSS BizFed Ballot Measure Positions
Measure H (LA County) –  VICTORY! This 1/4 cent sales tax will invest $355 million a year for 10 years in services and facilities to dramatically reduce homelessness in all 88 cities in L.A. County.
Measure P (LA City) VICTORY! Extends maximum lease terms at the Port of Los Angeles from 50-years to 66-years in order to attract more waterfront investment and conform to State regulations on lease terms.
   Measure S (LA City) – VICTORY! This draconian measure would have placed a two-year building moratorium on all residential and commercial construction projects that need a general plan amendment, variance or zone change. It would have prevented much of our currently planned housing construction, including permanent supportive housing for the homeless. It would cost L.A. thousands of jobs and millions in revenue for city services.


31 out of 39 BizFed PAC endorsed candidates won elections on March 7

We are excited to announce that 31 out of 39 BizFed PAC endorsed candidates won elections and/or are heading to the May 16 runoff – showing a 79.4% success rate​. ​ This is the tenth election cycle in which the BizFed PAC has participated on such a wide scale to promote candidates who are dedicated to implementing real change and supporting good local governance. To date, the BizFed PAC has supported more than 170 successful candidates in cities throughout Los Angeles County.

See which PAC Endorsed Candidates won in the March 7 election:

WIN LOSS BizFed PAC Candidate Endorsements
City of Bell: Ana Maria Quintana, City Council
City of Bellflower: Dan Koops and Juan Garza, City Council
TOO CLOSE TO CALL City of Beverly Hills: The PAC endorsed incumbents​​ Nancy Krasne and John Mirisch, along with challenger ​​Eliot Finkel for City Council. ​​
Incumbent John Mirisch is safe as the top vote getter. Endorsed incumbent Nancy Krasne is ahead of Les Friedman by ONE vote (1286 vs. 1285 total votes). Bob Wunderlich is in fourth with FOUR votes less than Friedman (1,281), and PAC endorsed candidate Finkle is in 5th with​ ​1090 votes. PAC likely to have 2 out of 3 wins in this city.
City of Covina: John King and Jorge Marquez, City Council
City of Glendora: Karen Davis and Michael Allawos, City Council
SPLIT City of Huntington Park: The PAC Board voted to support incumbents ​​Valentin Amezquita and Karina Macias for City Council.
​​Karina Macias is safe in her seat (amid investigations by the L.A. County District Attorney’s office), while Valentin Amezquita has lost his seat to Manuel “Manny” Avila by 516 votes.
City of Lakewood: Steve Croft, Diane DuBois, and Todd Rogers, City Council
TOO CLOSE TO CALL City of Manhattan Beach: BizFed PAC voted to support challenger ​​Nancy Hersman along with former Manhattan Beach​ ​Councilmembers​ ​R​​ichard Montgomery and Steve Napolitano for City Council.
​​Early results suggest the Manhattan Beach Council will see three new (new-ish) faces with all three PAC endorsed challengers as the top vote getters. Montgomery is ahead of 4th place incumbent Mark Burton by 129 votes.
SPLIT City of Monterey Park: The PAC endorsed incumbent​​ Hans Liang and newcomer Randall​ ​Avila for City Council.
​​Endorsed Councilman Hans Liang came in 2nd and will keep his seat.
Randall Avila landed in fourth. Incumbent Peter Chan will keep his seat as the top vote getter.
SPLIT City of Norwalk: The PAC voted to support newcomers ​​Esperanza “Espie”​ ​Free and Margarita Rios for City Council.
​​Endorsed candidate Esperanza Free sits in third place behind Tony Ayala and Jennifer Perez who are likely to win the open seats. Margarita Rios has secured her seat in the race to fill Marcel Rodarte’s empty seat (stepped down in July to become Executive Director of the California Contract Cities).
City of Redondo Beach: The PAC endorsed current Mayor​​ Stephen Aspel in his re-election bid, along with appointed incumbent ​​Martha Barbee in District 1 and challengers ​​Doug Rodriguez in District 2 and ​​John Gran in District 4.

​​Early results show Mayor Steve Aspel on his way out – he is behind councilman Bill Brand by about 1000 votes for the Mayor’s seat.​​Dist. 1: ​​Appointed incumbent and endorsed candidate Martha Barbee is in second place behind newcomer Nils Nehrenheim. If Nehrenheim does not get over 50% (currently sitting at 49.3%) they will face off in the runoff in May.

​​Dist 2: ​​Endorsed newcomer Doug Rodriguez sit far behind Todd Lowenstein by 600 votes. One week before the election, public safety unions pulled all support of Rodriguez – may have led to such a defeat.​​Dist 4: ​​Silver lining in Redondo -endorsed candidate John Gran is ahead and likely to win with 300 votes more than​ Suzy Royds.​

City of South Gate: The PAC Board voted to support longtime Councilman W.H. “Bill” De Witt in his re-election bid, along with newcomer Jose De La Paz for City Council.
​​Both endorsed candidates likely to lose, with newcomers Al Rios and Denise Diaz looking to take the two open seats.
City of West Hollywood: John Duran and John Heilman, City Council
Mayor: Eric Garcetti
Los Angeles City Council, District 1: Gilbert “Gil” Cedillo is a likely win with 50.98% of the vote. The Councilman might head to runoff against Joey Bray-Ali if he does not get​ ​50​%​ + ​1.​
Los Angeles City Council, District 3: Bob Blumenfield
Los Angeles City Council, District 5: Paul Koretz
Los Angeles City Council, District 7: Monica Rodriguez is likely to face Karo Torossian in the May 16 runoff. LAUSD Board Member Monica Ratliff in 3rd with 261 votes behind Torossian.
Los Angeles City Council, District 9: Curren D. Price, Jr.
Los Angeles City Council, District 11Mike Bonin
Los Angeles City Council, District 13: Mitchell O’Farrell
Los Angeles City Council, District 15: Joe Buscaino


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